Post from Julie Kirkbride (Nurse Practitioner):

Hi Everyone.

I am a keen knitter and like most knitters often end up with small amounts of unused wool after a garment has been completed. Recently I have been using this wool to knit bonnets, hats and cardigans for premature babies born at JCUH.

My granddaughter was born 4 weeks early and weighed in at just 5lbs 10 oz. The clothes we had all bought for her were way too big especially the hats. Babies lose a lot of heat through their heads, hats and bonnets are required in addition to numerous layers of blankets to maintain a normal body temperature. The neonatal unit relies on donations of hats, bonnets and cardigans to use during the first hours of birth.

I would be grateful for any unused wool in pastel shades so that I can continue to knit for this worthy cause. If you would like to do some knitting yourself, free knitting patterns can be obtained on-line. Completed garments can then either be passed on to the neonatal unit at JCUH or to me at the surgery.