This service is primarily run by our lead nurse, Sandra with input from the doctors as required. Once you have had the diagnosis of Diabetes confirmed, you will be regularly recalled for the ongoing management of your condition.

This service covers our asthma and COPD patients and is run by our Nursing Team. You will be called in annually for a review of your treatment, and to complete your yearly spirometry assessment to ensure you are on the correct medications. You also have the opportunity to discuss any issues regarding your condition and any urgent problems will be dealt with, same day, by the duty doctor.

Blood pressure reviews can be done as required by our Health Care Assistant, Marcelle or our Practice Nurses. Please contact reception to book an appointment. We will be running a Hypertension clinic from next month and you will be called in to this clnic by letter when you annual review is due. Heart disease care is managed by Shona Gonzalez – a visiting specialist heart disease nurse. You will be called in for this clinics by our reception team as required.

These are done annually by our nursing staff or doctors to ensure that your medication is optimal to your current health needs. You will be prompted on your repeat script when this is due. Please ring up and make this appointment at your convenience, within that month. firstly with the nurse for any annual tests required and then to see the GP to discuss the results and your medications. This is to ensure you have the necessary tests (if required) to allow us to re-authorise your medications for another year.

We now do bedside pin-prick testing at the surgery which allows us to dose your warfarin before you leave the surgery. These appointments are available daily, through our nursing and health care team. You will be given your next INR appointment prior to leaving the surgery.

For any blood tests, please arrange an appointment with Marcelle or our nursing team, via our reception staff. Please note: Fasting bloods require you to not have eaten after 10.00pm the night before the test and only water to drink until the test is done. When booking your appointment, please advise reception that it is a fasting test, so that they can book you in as early as possible in the morning.

All our doctors and nurses are qualified to provide contraceptive advice and pre-conception care. Unfortunately coil fitting/contraceptive implant fitting is no longer available at the surgery. However, this can be done at any of the local family planning clinics – please call 0333 000 0014 for an appointment.

We strongly recommend that all women, regardless of their sexual orientation, participate in the cervical screening programme that starts at the age of 25 and ends at 65. Smears can be done by our nurses or doctors. Results are now sent to you directly within 2 weeks.

This is run by Rose, our midwife on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons at the surgery. Your first appointment, on finding out you are pregnant, will be at approximately 8 weeks. Please call our reception staff to make a booking appointment with Rose.

Six weeks after giving birth you and your baby will have a health check done by one of our doctors. This will include contraception advice and a full examination of your baby to ensure all is well. Our staff will contact you with a date for this appointment – these are generally after morning surgery so that the doctor can give full attention to any concerns or queries you may have as a new parent.

Routine baby and child immunisations are done at the surgery. You will be contacted to confirm that your child is due for vaccinations well in advance to allow you to make arrangements to bring them to the surgery. A full list of the immunisations your child should receive can be found on our Medical Advice page. Where possible the child should be brought for immunisations by a parent, if this is not possible the Health Visitor will need to contact a parent before administering the vaccines to gain your consent so it is helpful if you can be contacted by phone that day.

Annual flu and single pneumococcal pneumonia immunisations are offered to at risk patients. You will be notified when these injections are available.

We encourage all patients to take up any other immunisations that are relevant to their health needs.

This clinic is run by our highly-experienced nursing staff, who can advise on, and give the necessary vaccinations prior to your foreign travel. Please note, some vaccines are only available on a private prescription. Please make your appointment well in advance of your holiday to ensure you receive optimal vaccination cover.

We can give appropriate advice on how to give up smoking and treatment options available but we cannot currently routinely prescribe these products to you. We encourage our patients instead to attend the local stop smoking clinics which have a much better success rate and are able to offer more regular follow-ups. A list of local clinics is available at reception or please find them by clicking on this link

Our doctors can refer any patients that require counselling to our in-house counsellor, Sandra or to an alternative provider.

This service is primarily run by our male GPs who can perform minor surgery including joint injections and removal of benign skin lesions. Please book an appointment with one of these doctors for initial assessment of your condition, who will then arrange the surgery if appropriate. Cryotherapy can be done by any of the doctors or nurses for treatment of warts and verrucaes.

Mental Health Self-Help

Self-Help materials for the management of Common Mental Health problems

Living Life to the Full¬†(covering “Overcoming Depression” & “Overcoming Anxiety”)

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Action Plan

British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapists

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